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For scrolling down, considering to support us and getting one step closer to Unlocking Your Potential! We're a new company striving to bring motivation into your every day life. Your purchase provides the necessary funds for us to find more like minded individuals.

Kimotiv is about showing people you've Unlocked Your Potential or working on yourself to do so! Keep your key motivation relevant every day by wearing it. We want to be a constant reminder to you and all those around you. Become apart of our movement by spreading love and helping others find their path, what ever that may be!

Until the end of 2020 all products are on sale!
Why are we doing this?
Easy question to answer!
We want to get our brand out there to as many people as possible. Since our goal isn't to acquire wealth but to connect and bring together like minded individuals, we decided to take the price of our products as low as we could for our first year of business.

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